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Cancer and Pieces dogs horoscope

Cancer dog horoscope


they are the most sensitive and loving dogs of all. They are the best dog breeds for families . They might seem to have a tough shell on the outside but it is just to protect their inner vulnerable hearts. They want extreme pampering and in return they give you extreme love. They donít ever approach matters directly with you instead gives you restrained hints for what they want. They are very sensitive towards their environment and loves their home. They demand treatment as your family member rather than just a pet doggie. They are so much touchy and sensitive towards your behavior that they can even sense when you are going to leave them for a official trip or anything else even when you have given no indications or have left no clue, so you need to pamper them really good else they can even run away from home or hide.

C.D. (Cancer Dog) Phone Home:

Cancer dogs are fervently attached towards their homes even when it is nothing but a garbage dump. You can not easily convince them to leave their home; it takes a hell lot of effort to make them understand that you are doing this for some betterment. They just can not see you leaving them alone they want your attention all the time, when ever you leave them alone they would be disturbed badly and would wait for your return. They most precious time is the time that is spent with you at home. They donít like any one else touching them whom they did not know.

Pisces Dog Horoscope


Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, MerrilyÖ:

Pisces pups are the sleepiest pups you can have. They have a world of their own where every thing happens according to their will. They always try to escape reality. They are always ready to sleep, so donít take them as your alarm clock coz they rather will like you to snooze the clock a few thousand time. They can even sleep for three days straight. This quite and calm doggie can teach you the real meaning of relaxing and divine love and help you learn how to make your mind drift downstream in dreams.

To Be a Dog or Not to Be, That is the QuestionÖ:

They simply donít compare themselves to any other dog. They donít like competition. They keep themselves away from all worldly stresses. They give you a divine lesson of not letting yourself off in worldly illusions. All they want is to love and beloved.

Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping is like a religion to these doggies. They just donít like to do anything. If you try to interrupt them in their dream time they will cover themselves further underground hoping you to let them dream, coz dreaming is what they are best in. they can dream all day long and night. Pisces dogs are the most mysterious doggies can are as deep as ocean.