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A List of the Smart Dog Breeds

Obviously, most people presume that their dog's breed is the smartest. To dispel the doubts about this question University of British Columbia with professor Dr. Stanley Coren's book, The Intelligence of Dogs determined the gold standard for canine intelligence. So, there is a listing of the smartest dogs and now you have an excellent chance to see whether your dog is there or not.

A List of the Smart Dog Breeds

1. The Border Collie
The Border Collie is the first place on a list of the smartest dog breeds. The Border Collie began to be bred for herding farm animals in Great Britain in the 1800s. This breed has unbelievable stamina and high energy. Natural instinct mixed with high intelligence make The Border Collie the smartest dog. It often can be seen in competition that The Border Collie is admirable not at only agility but at obstruction courses together and, of course, with ease. You should look after the intelligence and activity of this dog in order that boredom does not cause the dog to become destructive.

2. The Poodle
It is not surprising that most of people consider The Poodle just as a knee dog and friendly animal. But they don't think that the Poodle is really tremendously intelligent dog . Some owners of The Poodle are firm with their words about how their dog understands everything they say and how they are easy to train.

3. The German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog stands on the third place of our list while it stands at the top of the rank in compliance training. They are mostly used for military canine units and police. This breed behaves fine both with families and in specialized settings.

4. The Golden Retriever
Originally, Golden Retrievers were bred to hunt in the Scottish highlands. But now they are used as therapy dogs for nursing homes and also as seeing eye dogs. This breed is very friendly and easy to learn in the shortest time.