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The Beagle Information

The Beagle dog is one of those breeds that thrives on human interaction. Originally they were bred for hunting. The Beagle is an enthusiastic adventure seeker.

The ideal playtime for this dog would be rummaging and exploring through forests. He loves his master and makes a great social house pet.

The Beagle need daily exercise to keep him calm and happy, it does not take much time. Is sufficient for about 20 minutes a day. You will see that this breed of dog is the perfect pet which is gentle and calm, especially in the circle of his family.

The Beagle

Beagle health

When owning of this breed, veterinarians suggest that you request specific tests for eye problems, hip dysplasia, potential knee problems, and thyroid. The main health problems that are widespread with many Beagles is CHD and intervertebral disk disease.

As noted above, daily exercise should be part of your dog's life. Take them out for a long walk or a quick run in the woods. In particular, he likes to explore trails and other small tracks.

It can be concluded that this breed is the ideal choice if you have kids in the house. The Beagle dog is a breed that will make you happy and will never stop looking for ways to please you.