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The Chihuahua Dogs

The Chihuahua dog breed appeared in Mexico and Central America in the 1500. This is a very small breed of dog was bred for use in various ceremonies.

Among the smallest breed of dog in the world, this breed is wonderful pets, watchdogs, and full of character. They like to be warm and indoors, yet they enjoy learning and to running indoors, so it is important to their daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Chihuahua dog breeds are very small and can be from six to nine inches in height and can weigh between two to six pounds on average. The male Chihuahua dogs size varies from 15 to 25 centimeters tall and the female Chihuahua dog size varies from 15 to 20 centimeters. The weight of this breed varies between 1 to 3 kgs.

The Chihuahua

People prefer the most little Chihuahua's because these puppies look very nicely. Chihuahua puppies come in different colors blue, black, white, tan and chocolate.

Health problems

Some health problems that are dryness of the cornea, glaucoma, or possibly eye protrusion. Some Chihuahua breeds are born with a molera that may make the dog more prone to injury. Although, this dogs are basically healthy and very active so make sure to get them checked up from time to time, give them lots of exercise and feed them well.

This little dog have a life span of about fifteen years, so much more than the average age of other breeds of dogs. Despite a slight increase, chihuahuas are great dogs for singles, retirees, apartment dwellers, and their families.

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