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A List of the Smart Dog Breeds - Part 3

8. The Papillon
The Papillon was bred in Italy during the epoch of Renaissance. This tiny breed was a preferred with aristocrats because they have a high level of intelligence. Papillons, like Rottweilers are jealous of their owners but they are wonderful observe dogs. It is very interesting that in French their name means butterfly'. Their upright ears fringed with long smooth hair really look like a butterfly.

9. The Rottweiler
The majorities of us think that Rottweilers are just violent guard dogs, but don't forget that they are also active and very devoted dogs. This breed is the best variant for owners who will give socializing and training to their dog appropriately from the time when the Rottweiler's devotion and guarding manner does not portend fine for unwanted guests.

10. The Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Cattle Dog first appeared in Australia during the 1830's. It is bred in order to herd cattle. These dogs have the native capability to drive livestock over huge areas. Moreover, owners of this breed say that it is very simple to train.

So, don't worry if your dog's breed is not on the top of our list. Of course, variations in intelligence change from dog to dog. As longer you love your dog and better it is cared for, you should not train it in a very difficult way. It is better to start training early when the dog is a puppy. As a result you will see that it is not so hard to train your dog and your pet will be grateful to you.