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The Akita Dog Breed

The Akita dog breed has appeared several hundred years ago in Japan. These breed initially used as a guard dog and a hunting dog. These breeds are very dedicated dogs. They excellent companions for families and can be great for protecting and guarding the household.

It is a large spitz type dog, full force and contained power, it is easily recognized by the tail that curls over the back. Akita has a powerful thick neck and powerful shoulders. The coat is a thick top coat and a soft undercoat.

The Akita dog breed

Like many other breeds of Spitz is surprisingly calm dog. Akita barks only when he feels the trouble.

These breed is by nature of a lone wolf and not very mix well with other dogs. Akita is very territorial dogs and will protect its home space against strangers. This can cause problems when friends or neighbors come to your house. You will need to put it away in a drawer, or to communicate his frequent guests.

Akita is also a very clever dog, that will become uninterested easily. During the domestication of the dog soon become bored if the training is not interesting, but if you get tired of it would just walk away.

This breed is a born leader and will only be submissive to your authority if it believes you are dominant. Show it wavering, and it will take control, if this happens your tenure of the dog will not be agreeable.