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Should You Have Another Dog In The House?

It happens very often that the dog lovers do not limit themselves with one dog only. And for a different reasons. In some cases there is a need for another dog, because one is not enough for a certain purposes - like hunting, guarding etc. Sometimes it's really too much work for just one dog, so here is a good reason to have another.

Sometimes your dog is too old already and you feel it's good to have one more - younger - companion. Sometimes you may have a puppies from your dog and one of them is far too cute to let him go - so he will stay with you. Or maybe you have found a nice dog in the shelter and you can not fight the idea to give him a good home.Or maybe you are such a huge fan of some dog breed , that you are ready to "keep them all". No matter what your reasons are, as long as the decision to have another dog is taken, you have to think about the new worries which comes with having a new dog in the house.If you would like to have a puppy from your adult dog, do not pick one from the very first litter. Both of the dog breed will be approximately in the same age, they will become old in the same time and it will be really very sad for you when one day - and you know that's gonna happen - you will have to say the last "Good Bye" to both of them.In this case it is much better to keep the puppy from your dog, when she is already five or six years old. Besides, your elder dog will be a good teacher and a good example for her puppy, and a good friend in games of course. Plus, when the young puppy grows older and maybe will start to fight for dominance, the wisdom of his mother will help to pass this time successfully for everyone and to avoid different collisions. But also it's good not to leave a puppy from the old dog - maybe she will be too old for games already and she will not be able to handle a young dog's active personality and their co-existence will not be that peaceful.