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Should You Have Another Dog In The House - Recomendations

Also it is not recommended to leave a male-puppy from your bitch. If the dogs are not neutered it may be quite difficult to keep them both in the same apartment or even the same house because of the different sex: during the time when your bitch will be in heat, the young male may cause you pretty much of a troubles (he will become very nervous, he may leave his "marks" everywhere in the house and the slightest careless mistake will allow him to get to the desired bitch, then you will have to deal with such a completely undesirable thing as a new puppies (and more likely that those puppies will not be fine and healthy).

It is much better to have dogs of the same sex in the house. Despite the natural pugnacity, males in same-sex groups get along better than females. These companies usually are able to set a defined and fairly strong hierarchy on which the dogs live will be relatively peaceful. Like with one good dog breeder for several years together in the same house peacefully lived two Welsh Terriers, two Yagd Terriers and one Bull Terrier. It is curious that the smallest in size but eldest in age Welsh Terrier male was dominant and keeping the order in this big company. He promptly put "in a right places" his relatively young friends despite that fact that they were all bigger than him in size. Of course, it is absolutely impossible to bring a bitch to such a purely "masculine" company.Of course it is completely another case, when a breeder is planning to have a kennel and breed his dogs properly. Then he will just have to provide the right conditions for a healthy life of his dogs and - on the other hand - choose a proper males and females for breeding, according to their pedigrees and show results. But it is already completely another story, because the professional breeding in certainly not only about a simple keeping several dogs in the same house.