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Gemini and Pisces dogs horoscope

Gemini dog - The Yapper dog

Dogs born in the date falling in May 23-June 21 are the Gemini dogs. The Gemini dog is vigilant and a graceful canine. It would be a fun for a Gemini dog to explore new house, new people, and new place and is always willing to learn and adapt new things. The Gemini Dog is versatile, lively, and restless but once it is trained, it can easily communicate its feelings.

The Gemini dog can be trained very easily since this zodiac dog is a good learner. This dog loves the company of human beings and he knows how to entertain them. A Gemini dog is also comfortable with other pets, if any, in the house. However it is most compatible with Aries, Libra, Leo and Aquarius.

A Gemini dog horoscope gets bored very quickly and requires regular attention of the owner. This dog is also very unpredictable, smart, social, curious, dual and can be easily distracted. Also, this dog is not very faithful and may run away if given an opportunity. Many a times the Gemini dog is one the fastest running canine and enjoys what he does. Training a Gemini dog is a bit difficult but if the impatience of this dog can be worked upon, then the owner can easily teach him every trick.

Pisces Dog Horoscope

Many people consider their pet dogs as their children and believe in astrology affecting their character. Like humans, dogs also have zodiac signs based on their date of birth. Knowing their horoscope, it becomes a lot easier for the owners to train their pet and understand their behaviour.

Pisces dogs are those born on any day from Feb 19 to Mar 20. They love frequent baths. They are hyperactive and impulsive in nature. They prefer being left alone and hate any sort of competition. They are found to be compatible with owners belonging to the sun signs Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Piscean dogs are often confused. As soon as an idea comes to their mind, another better one replaces it. You may thus find your dog confused between the fire, his bowl and basket. They are salty dogs so the best day out for them would be a walk by the sea shore. They are believed to have weak ankles and paws, so a special care and attention should be given to these areas if they start to limp.

Their diet should be moderate. These dogs cannot tolerate rude handling. Being an intuitive animal, it will know that you are going away for a while, even with unspoken words. It will listen to every word of yours for hours and act like it understand each little word. Warmth and affection are bread and butter for them. A Pisces dog would be a perfect choice if you can keep him happy and love him as your child.