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Horoscope for Puppy - Leo Dog

Horoscope for Puppy

I believe puppies are the second most adorable creatures in the world after koalas. They are playful, cute, they sit and sleep on your laps and best of all they can be easily be trained not to mention getting rid of rat problems. Well everyone have different features and that is the reason most people prefer to have a puppy as a pet. It is not a very big issue why we decide finally to have a puppy as our pet.

Finally when your decision is final about having a puppy then the nest question comes about what kind of puppy we want. Some people are really sentimental in choosing carefully the sex, its breed and color; on the other hand many just pick a puppy from the shelter. But did it ever click in our minds that there might one more thing that can matter to a future of the puppy? The answer is a horoscope for puppy !

As the name says every puppy might have different nature depending on its zodiac sign, which is assigned according to their dates of birth. As we know many people all over the world are very careful about their horoscopes, so why not we concentrate on a horoscope for puppy too.

Leo Dogs


Strike a Pose:

Leo dog is the biggest drama queen of all popular dog breeds . They want to show-off; probably they are the biggest show off dogs of zodiac signs. They lead a super star life; you have to treat them like that. the demand compliments from you every time. This is the best way to treat them and make them happy. They want to be in spot light every time and are never satisfied with the amount of time they get in spot-light. Make sure you treat this doggie like a Hollywood star; give her all the luxurious life she wants. Pamper her with all love and adoration gives her the royal treatment by adoring them in diamonds. They love to play, thatís why they love children but within certain limits. They donít just gel with any person. They have a heart of gold and will slobber you with love if you give them all the attention they want from you.

What a Leo dog wants in an owner:

  • Requirement number one: you are a pet worshipper
  • Requirement number two: the world revolves around him

Thatís just a start. The list of Leo dogs goes very large. You should know that you have a princess with you. You will have to take care of her needs. They want a luxurious life style, having their personal dressing room, expensive shampoo and all the costly beauty products. You just can not force her living in small dirty place. They even want you to be dressed properly; they wonít be coming in any type of party if you are not dressed properly. If you canít support this luxurious life style than probably you donít deserve to own a Leo dog.