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Info On Irish Terrier

An Irish terrier is one of the many breeds that belong to the category of the terrier; terrier is a popular breed in the dogs. Talking particularly about the Irish terrier indicates that its origin or breed is belonging to the Ireland. The dog is a medium size breed and is very much active; it can survive in both types of environments that are rural and urban. The body of the dog is covered with a red coat that is insensitive in nature that proves to be helpful in protecting it from any kinds of weather.

According to the breed standards the Irish terrier is classified as the racy types. The reason that it is considered as the racy is because they appear to be very strong as well as powerful at the same time and most importantly they do not have a lot of body weight. It is quit easy to identify Irish terrier because it differentiates greatly as compared to the other dogs. It is mainly because of the structure of their body, the body is longer in shape and it is covered with the racy strips, their structure of body does not lack at all in any manner.

The dog has proved to be very loyal and devoted to the people that are around or those who take care. They are real good with the children as they behave very gently with them it looks like as if they are taking care of them. They nature of the Irish terrier is completely fun loving and they enjoy to have fun all the time. They are also very obedient and always do as they are directed to do, they also have the exceptional ability of getting trained easily, hence they have proved to be a complete package for all the dog lovers out there.