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Kittens, cats kittens are just the cutest things.

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Kittens, cats kittens are just the cutest things.

Is there anything more cute and cuddly than tiny little kittens? They’re small and light. Cats kittens, they’re fragile yet so curious and inquisitive. Kittens bring a sense of well being and comfort into our homes that few other animals can. While a kitten requires a lot of attention and care, when left to their own devices they can be amazingly creative and playful with just about any little toy or knick-knack they come across. Having a cat as a pet that later has kittens is a wonderful teaching experience for children, of all ages. They learn to care for an animal that is really helpless but offers such a range of amusement.

Why do we love Kittens, cats kittens so much?

What is it about kittens that makes us want to watch them play? Whether it's a bonsai kitten or just the runt of the litter, they’re energetic and playful, they’re cute and cuddly. Cats, kittens and especially cat behavior can really be a mystery. Kittens can get more entertainment and amusement out of a ball of yarn or a dropped thimble than one would think possible. That’s what makes them so endearing. Cats, as pets, are special in their own way; but a kitten looks at his/her world through new, fresh eyes that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Be sure and help your kitten keep those nasty pests away from their fur. Finding a flea on a kitten is no fun. A good flea repellent shampoo will do the job.

Whether you’re young or old, caring for your special kitten or kittens can be both a joy and pleasure as you watch your pet mature and grow into a well adjusted, confident cat.


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